quinta-feira, 30 de outubro de 2008

♥Traditional holidays and celebrations:

1. What types of holidays are celebrated and why?
The school recess Online booking of work, part of the right of the worker, school holidays!
2. Compare which holidays are the same and how they celebrate them?(United States)
Brazil: 01 Jan / 07 Set / 12 Out / 15 Nov / 25 Dez
USA: 01 Jan / 04 de jul / 12 Out / 11 Nov / 25 Dez

3. How do people celebrate people's birthdays?
They called friends and family and celebrate with many foods and beverages, and music!
4. What other information can be shared about traditions?
They are customs, beliefs of each region or nationality. Each state has its own characteristics or country where the prevailing mores of their ancestors, passing on from generation to generation!

♥Education including the early years, teenage years & college years:

1. Is education required?
2. If so, for how long?
all life!
3. What is a typical school day like for a teenager in your country?
The school operates three shifts, with several teachers, and a direction, with students and a teacher coordinator!
4. What types of subjects do you study and how long is your school day?
My school supply twelve disciplines, from 7:40 am to 12:00 hours!
5. How many days do you go to school each week?
five days a week!
6. What other things can you mention about school?
the school provides for students to computers with internet, library, classrooms with gutters, dark curtains, sports courts, laboratory physics and chemistry.

♥Natural Disasters - A Worldwide Look at Natural Disasters

1. What is a natural disaster?
It is a phenomenon of vibration and sudden passing of the Earth's surface, resulting in movement of underground rock slabs of volcanic activity, or a displacement of gases inside the Earth, mainly methane.
2. What combination of factors causes different kinds natural disasters?
because of the environmental balance!
3. What do you do when the news warns of a big storm?
I am at home, hoping the storm passes!

♥Water - Our World's Water

1. What is water?
The mineral water is a very abundade on our planet, it is rare in the solar system and the known universe. It is essential condition for the existence of life.
2. What is the water cycle?
evaporation, perspiration, sublimation, condensation, precipitation and flow of water.
3. Why is water important?
Because without water humans can not live!
4. What problems does the world face with its water supply?
Some places there is no difficulty in getting water due to go through this major inconvenience to her.
5. When is water good to drink?
When treated or pure.

♥Global Warming - The Planet is Heating Up!

1. How do human activities cause global warming?
This warming is because of the intensification of the greenhouse effect, which in turn is caused by an excess of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, these gases prevent the heat penetrates the land can revert back to the area, getting here and causing a warming greater than the natural called greenhouse effect.
2. How does global warming impact the planet?
the imbalance occurs because of the weather.
3. How can people slow the rate of global warming?
also delayed its environmental obligations.
4. How can we help to save our planet from global warming?
Search does not release toxic pollutants into the atmosphere. Habitats, habitats and plants and animals that live inside.

♥Habitats - Habitats and the Plants and Animals that live within.

1. Why are there different types of habitats?
To fit in each habitat appropriate!
2. How do different habitats affect human, plant and animal life?
Putting them in places that you can not adapt to them!
3. If a camel lived in a rainforest, would it still have a hump?
continues with a concorva!

quarta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2008

Relaxation and fun:
*What activities do you enjoy in your free time?
In my free time I like to watch TV, be with my friends, reading and surfing the Internet.
*Are you involved in any sport activities or do you watch sports?
play sports and watch some sports on TV.
*What type of music do you enjoy?
I love to several types of music!
*Do you sing?
No, do not sing
*Do you play any musical instruments?
No, do not play any musical instruments
*Do you enjoy reading?
Yes, I like to read
*If so, what are some favorite books you have read?
I do not have favorite books!
*Do you watch movies?
I like movies!
*If so what are your favorite ones?
I do not have favorite movies!

quinta-feira, 12 de junho de 2008

In my house, I live, my brother Mauricio, my father Emir and my mother Maria Helena, my father is technical agricola, my brother studied, and my mother takes care of home!

I want to study psychology and be a great psychologist in the future!

terça-feira, 20 de maio de 2008

".. É necessαrio αbrir os olhos e perceber que αs coisαs boαs estαo dentro de nós, onde os sentimentos nαo precisαm de motivos nem os desejos de rαzαo. O importαnte é αproveitαr tudo, os momentos e aprender suα durαçαo, pois α vidα é dα cor que α gente pintα !."